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FTIR-7600 is a single-beam Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer with fast scan speed and high accuracy. This instrument is operated by a PC with user friendly software and a comprehensive manual. It is a valuable tool for various analytical applications in fields such as chemistry, medicine, food and beverage, wine industry, material engineering and quality process control.

The optical system is highly stable owing to the dedicated design as follows:

  • Highly stable optical bench with no need for adjustment or maintenance of optical path
  • Precision machinery ensures high scanning repeatability
  • Corner cube optics provides easy operation, removing complicated electronics and additional moving parts
  • Dynamic collimation system and movable mirror driving system keep the interferometer at optimum situation
  • Voice-coil driver and precision slide ensure the performance of the system under severe conditions
  • A container of desiccant that protects the beam splitter and other optical components from moisture invasion



The FTIR-7600 is delivered with windows-based software that includes the following functions:

  • File and Edit: open, save, print, copy, paste, delete, etc. and options—customized settings for spectral collecting, displaying, processing, saving and printing.
  • Collect: configure measurement parameters (resolution, averaging, range...), real time display spectral results with options of different modes and settings, and diagnose component status.
  • Process: spectral conversions (A/T, Log, K-M...), spectral operations (smooth, add, minus, multi, norm...), and spectral corrections.
  • Analysis: find peak, label, compare with lib, define settings for spectral search, search lib (select lib, add new lib, make lib...), and display results.

Sample Accessories

The FTIR-7600 can work with various sample phases using liquid cell, gas cell, pellet, cuvette, or ATR. It has a large sample compartment accommodating various FTIR accessories.

Parts List