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Micro Volume Spectrometer

For microvolume concentration and purity measurements

The versatile mySPEC range of spectrophotometers allows the user to perform measurements on nucleic acids and proteins contained in a very small sample volume. The 'mySPEC Twin' models have an additional port for a cuvette so that cell density or enzymatic activity measurements can be performed. Preconfigured modules allow for rapid, fully automated data analysis for a wide variety of applications including, concentration and purity of RNA and DNA; protein measurements (A280, Bradford, Lowry, BCA, Pierce 660); determination of labelling efficiencies; colorimetric assays on enzymatic activities and cell density measurements.

  • Requires just 1 µl sample
  • Quick and simple to use - no cuvettes required – just pipette, measure (\<5 seconds) then wipe
  • Large dynamic range from 2 ng/µl to 15 µg/µl (ds DNA) puts an end to error-prone dilutions and calculations
  • Twin' versions combining microvolume and cuvette function including temperature control (30...40 °C) and stirrer (0; 50; 1000 min-1)
  • Stand-alone 8.4'' touch screen versions available
  • Automated data analysis after user-defined purity settings