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TIMS (Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer)

The Phoenix builds upon our strong heritage in TIMS design. It combines our proven 1:1 optics with state-of-the-art electronics and detector technology to produce data of the highest precision and stability. Our stainless steel collector is completely customisable to suit the needs of both our nuclear and geology customers with optional axial Ion counting Daly and/or SEM that provides unparalleled sensitivity, linearity and Dynamic range.

Phoenix Key Features:

  • Up to 9 individually motorized Faraday collectors as standard, in addition, up to 6 multiple ion counting detectors, all individually moveable and motorized.
  • Long life Faraday cups that carry a 10 year guarantee of never having to be replaced.
  • Largest radius electromagnet on commercial TIMS for optimal transmission, resolution, and stability.
  • Extended geometry allows simultaneous measurement of UO2+.
  • A high capacity Pfeiffer HiPace 700 turbo-molecular pump providing the largest pumping capacity on commercial TIMS for the fastest pump down from atmosphere leading to improved productivity and best ultimate vacuum.
  • Stainless steel source chamber with accessory ports for sample pre-heat, cold trap and oxygen bleed.
  • Highest capacity analyser ion pumps on commercial TIMS for best ultimate vacuum and abundance sensitivity.
  • Optional rear Pfeiffer HiPace 300 turbo-molecular pump.
  • 20 position sample carousel that rotates perpendicular to the ion trajectory, ensuring zero possibility of sample cross contamination.
  • Axial Ion counting Daly boasts the largest dynamic range ion counter.
  • Options for Secondary Electron Multiplier.
  • Powerful and flexible software for tailor made applications as well as repetitive analyses.
  • Fully networkable to permit remote control of the instrument