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Analytical Sciences, UK, via its association with SVI offers the Thermalox, which employs the thermal catalytic oxidation technique to give near perfect oxidation, but combines this with the most sensitive detector manufactured anywhere in the world.

The ThermaloxTMEnvironmental is equipped, as standard, with features many manufacturers treat as extras – and you can measure solids

The Thermalox instruments utilize our Model 8000 XYZ autosampler. This gives maximum flexibility and allows a high degree of automation. Calibrants can be made up automatically; sparging, dilutions and sample agitation can easily be carried out.

The standard vial rack holds up to 88 glass or disposable plastic vials, with or without lids. It can be chilled and we are happy to provide racks to suit special requirements.

By using a special aspiration step, samples containing particulate can be automatically agitated, ensuring that a representative sample aliquot is aspirated from the vial.

  • Catalytic thermal oxidation. The only way to measure 'real' samples containing particulate or difficult to oxidise materials
  • Standard Deviation better than 20ppb on low level Carbon
  • Standard Deviation better than 10ppb on low level Nitrogen
  • Upper Range Limit greater than 50,000ppm for TOC
  • Detection Limit of better than 40ppb for TOC and 10ppb for TNb
  • Analysis time less than two minutes per replicate
  • Complete recovery, including Suspended Solid fraction
  • Handles salts and particulate easily
  • Holds up to 88 samples
  • Complete washing between samples ensures no carry over
  • Totally software driven from a Windows™ based platform
  • Automatic preparation of calibration standards


  • Both TOC by subtraction and by pre-stripping of inorganic carbon methods are fitted as standard
  • Carrier gas generation fitted as standard on TOC – no need for bottled gases
  • Automatically prepares its own calibrants – eliminates human error
  • Peltier cooler for condensate removal - no desiccants
  • Precise electronic mass flow control of the carrier gas – stable calibrations
  • Highly sensitive detectors – prolongs catalyst life, lowers detection limit
  • Stand-by Mode - limits carrier gas consumption and prolongs oven life
  • Specially manufactured Carbon-free catalysis - virtually no blank carbon peak
  • Direct Injection method - eliminates blockage or carryover contamination
  • Options for adding the measurement of solids and sample sonication

Windows Platform software

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Robust
  • Tailored to suit you