Plant Growth Chamber


  • Microprocessor PID Control Provides high precision temperature, relative Humidity, illumination and CO2 control for uniform and stable growth environment
  • 10 Step Program with PC Interface Controller provides automatic operation of various Programmed cycles and maximum 999 cycles PC software for monitoring and data logging
  • Self- Diagnostic and Alarm system Automatically check any malfunction or Errors and visible alarm system
  • Forced air circulation system Silent and durable fan motors to maintain Uniform temperature and humidity by air Circulation from down to top air flow direction
  • Automatic water supply system Distilled water or de- ionized water with water Purifier is supplied by built- in reservoir at chamber
  • Lamp – on – Delay System Protects plants from stress by preventing sudden change of light strength and switch on / off time control
  • Technical Design and Structure Complete sealed stainless steel chamber with light transferable 2 side vacuum sealed pair glass walls and a front glass inner door with solid outdoor built – in light bank

Specialized Options:

  • Dual humidification system: ultrasonic + evaporation
  • Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity and light intensity
  • Special LED Lamps with specific wavelength illumination

Technical parameters: